CoronaVirus and College Closures Spring 2020

How do you choose which school to attend?

This year it will be very difficult to determine which of the schools on your list of acceptances are the best fit for you. Usually, we encourage in-person visits to any school you haven’t toured so far, but this year that approach is just not possible and you will need to be creative and resourceful.

Here are some ways to approach this decision:

  • Stay Informed. The National Association for College Admissions Counseling (NACAC) has provided an up-to-date online tool as a resource for students and families to find information about changes in college admission events, and deposit dates; these have all been impacted as a result of the CoronaVirus pandemic. Click here for more information
  • Connect with the college representative and counselors. Visit the school website for current information from admissions
  • Follow the school’s various social media platforms to learn what other future and current students are saying about the school
  • Take Virtual Tours and attend virtual accepted students events to remind yourself of the college’s special programs and opportunities. Remind yourself of the reasons you applied to the school in the first place
  • Wait-Listed? Don’t count on getting off the waitlist of your reach school. Although many colleges have created longer waitlists and there may be more movement off the waitlist than in normal years, our advice is to embrace your current choices and commit to one of the school on your list of acceptances by the deadline. Remember all of the schools you selected are best-fit colleges for your short list
  • Contact Financial Aid offices in mid-April with any appeals to your financial package. This is your opportunity to negotiate for more aid, especially if your financial situation has changed due to COVID-19

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