International University Admissions Blog: Spotlight on McGill University

Are you looking for a large university in a vibrant city with a diverse population of independent-minded students?

At the foot of the ever-present Mount Royal, McGill University is set on a car-free campus in the middle of the multicultural French (more like franglais) speaking city of Montreal. While McGill is not a commuter school, most students live off-campus either adjacent to the lower campus or within a short walk, bike, or metro ride away in neighborhoods filled with trendy restaurants and inviting cafes. The winters are long and cold, but McGillians bundle up and the make the best of it!

Famous Alumni of McGill University include Star Trek’s Captain Kirk, William Schatner, and the 23rd Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau!

Visit McGill University Website here

Overall Campus Vibe:

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Food and Life on Campus:

  • First years guaranteed housing in traditional dorms, apartment housing, and converted hotels
  • Unofficially dubbed the “McGill Ghetto,” many students live in the adjacent Milton Park
  • Housing in Montreal is fairly affordable compared to other larger cities
  • Students at the Schulich School of Music have their own dorm and dining-hall in the building – you could potentially stay inside the entire winter!
  • Food on campus includes form dining halls and food court-style dining
  • Frostbite, an ice cream shop run by engineering students offers free ice cream for students who score 30% or less on a midterm
  • To combat the gloomy, long winters, students make use of the free outdoor ice skating rink on campus

Noteworthy Programs and Tips on Academics:

  • Academics, and especially sciences, are extremely strong across the board
  • Preprofessional programs, such as Engineering, Medicine, and Law stand out at McGill
  • The Schulich School of Music is one of North America’s major music schools and the top program in Canada
  • Students apply directly to their programs of study within a given school (known as a faculty); changing majors outside of given faculty usually requires a new application
  • Study Abroad includes exchange programs, filed studies, and independent projects

University Lore:

  • The much-loved, but now lost, McGill samosa: Sold for $1 straight from a cardboard box, wrapped in a piece of newspaper, students were mortifies when the city health department banished the samosa from the McGill campus
  • Flood Girl: Look it up! here

Getting Around Campus and Beyond:

  • McTavish Street, the main walking thoroughfare, leads up to Mount Royal with its extensive trail system and beautiful views
  • Traditional great limestone buildings can be seen within a park-like, cohesive campus
  • No Cars on Campus!

Applying from Another Country? This is What You Need to Know:

  • McGill offers a buddy program for incoming international students
  • Study permits at McGill double as work permits
  • Working outside of the university will require fluency in the French Language

Quick Facts:

  • Undergraduate students: 27,573
  • Graduate Students: 10,260
  • Admissions are based on test scores and average grades in high school
  • No essay is required!
  • Public University
  • Affordable tuition by U.S. standards
  • Undergraduates attend for 3-4 years, depending on the type of high school they come from
  • Research-intensive University with large graduate programs

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