Improve Your Reading and Listening

Learning a language is complex and ongoing. You are never completely done! To achieve the high scores on the TOEFl and IELTS that are necessary for admission to college or university takes time and preparation. Test practice is very important to practice your speed and timing, but in between here are some tips to raise your general level of English.

  • Increase your background knowledge through reading, listening and studying both in English and your own language.  High school students taking the TOEFL or IELTS are at a disadvantage because they have less general knowledge than adults.  All the sections are based around academic concepts and situations.  The more general knowledge you have, the more connections and comprehension you have. How you acquire the knowledge is less important than learning it, so watching You-Tube videos and reading articles in English and your own language are valuable.  
  • Learn more about subjects that interest you, but also choose subjects that you know nothing about. 
  • Great resources for increasing your background knowledge:

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