Improve Your Reading and Listening

Learning a language is complex and ongoing. You are never completely done! To achieve the high scores on the TOEFl and IELTS that are necessary for admission to college or university takes time and preparation. Test practice is very important to practice your speed and timing, but in between here are some tips to raiseContinue reading “Improve Your Reading and Listening”

College Vocal Music Programs

What you can do to prepare if you want to major in voice: You top priority should be building vocal and musical skills: Join choirs in school, places of worship, and the community. Get a private voice teacher who can guide you throughout your vocal development and help you prepare repertoire for pre screening recordingsContinue reading “College Vocal Music Programs”


Financial Aid Requirements: Requirements for financial aid applications are different for every institution. Every Institution has its own Types of Documents required ISFAA CSS Profile Demonstration and Certification of Finances Institutional Financial aid forms Deadlines for submission of financial aid documents Submit with all the other admission materials Submit at a different date from theContinue reading “FINANCIAL AID FORMS”


NEED AWARE ADMISSIONS POLICIES WHAT IS A NEED AWARE ADMISSIONS POLICY? A need aware, or need sensitive, admissions policy means that that university may make the admissions decision depending on the student’s need for money to cover tuition for admissions. This means there may be an admissions advantage if the student can meet the program’sContinue reading “APPROACHES TO ADMISSIONS AND FINANCIAL AID”


What do I need to know about the Cost of Attendance? Direct and Indirect costs are not listed in the same way by all institutions: Some schools may represent their costs “per semester” and some “per year.” When comparing the costs of schools, make sure to read the COA information very carefully. Direct Costs: BeContinue reading “COLLEGE COST OF ATTENDANCE”


What should I consider when choosing a College Dance Program? Type of Degree (BFA or BA?): Do you want a specialized conservatory style program that focuses on the training needed for a professional career? Then look at BFE programs.  Do you want to have more career options after you graduate?  Then look at BA degreesContinue reading “COLLEGE DANCE PROGRAMS”

COVID-19 and Extracurricular Activities

In normal times extracurricular activities are an important part of the application to US colleges. Schools want to see your passion and interest reflected in your activities over a period of time.  Now that we are all in some degree of a lockdown and practicing social distancing, all of these activities have been canceled –Continue reading “COVID-19 and Extracurricular Activities”

International University Admissions Blog: Spotlight on The University of Hawaii at Manoa

Snapshot of The University of Hawaii at Manoa Located in the residential Manoa Valley in Honolulu, Oahu, the expansive University of Hawaii at Manoa boasts a stunning backdrop of a forested mountain ridge. The campus is an accredited arboretum, which extends more than 300 acres and has extensive gardens with lovely flowering trees and colorfulContinue reading “International University Admissions Blog: Spotlight on The University of Hawaii at Manoa”

COVID-19 and Standardized Testing for International Students

The SAT, ACT and other standardized admissions tests such as the TOEFL and IELTS required for university applications, have all been impacted by the Coronavirus, just like every other part of our daily lives around the world. Here is a quick update for the testing information. Of course, check the website for each test organizationContinue reading “COVID-19 and Standardized Testing for International Students”

CoronaVirus and College Closures Spring 2020

How do you choose which school to attend? This year it will be very difficult to determine which of the schools on your list of acceptances are the best fit for you. Usually, we encourage in-person visits to any school you haven’t toured so far, but this year that approach is just not possible andContinue reading “CoronaVirus and College Closures Spring 2020”