Financial Aid Requirements: Requirements for financial aid applications are different for every institution. Every Institution has its own Types of Documents required ISFAA CSS Profile Demonstration and Certification of Finances Institutional Financial aid forms Deadlines for submission of financial aid documents Submit with all the other admission materials Submit at a different date from theContinue reading “FINANCIAL AID FORMS”


What do I need to know about the Cost of Attendance? Direct and Indirect costs are not listed in the same way by all institutions: Some schools may represent their costs “per semester” and some “per year.” When comparing the costs of schools, make sure to read the COA information very carefully. Direct Costs: BeContinue reading “COLLEGE COST OF ATTENDANCE”


What should I consider when choosing a College Dance Program? Type of Degree (BFA or BA?): Do you want a specialized conservatory style program that focuses on the training needed for a professional career? Then look at BFE programs.  Do you want to have more career options after you graduate?  Then look at BA degreesContinue reading “COLLEGE DANCE PROGRAMS”